AIFRTE Against changes made to NCERT textbooks

AIFRTE strongly condemns the attempts to selectively alter the content of the NCERT textbooks under the guise of “rationalization.” Here is the official AIFRTE statement. We have undertaken several steps to resist this egregious attempt at using education to further communal ends.



We must remain well-informed in order to understand the true intentions behind these measures. We have curated a few national and international news articles/op-eds/videos in this regard:

    1. RSS Does not Want Children to Study Science and ask Questions
    2. Weaponizing History: The Hindutva Communal Project
    3. ‘Rationalization’ of Text books or Communalization of Polity?
    4. Biology Without Darwin. Next, Physics Without Newton and Einstein?
    5. NCERT removes Darwin’s evolution theory from science textbook, 1800 scientists and educators pen open letter.
    6. Indian History Congress denounces changes in NCERT syllabi.
    7. राम पुनियानी का लेख: पाठयक्रम को बेहतर बनाने के नाम पर साम्प्रदायिकता को बढ़ावा! इससे सरकार का एजेंडा हुआ उजागर!
    8. The limited role of textbooks in history. (Subscription needed)
    9. Mughals, RSS, evolution: Outrage as India edits school textbooks.
    10. New Indian Textbooks Purged of Muslim History and Hindu Extremism. (Subscription needed*)
    11. New Indian textbooks purged of nation’s Muslim history. (Subscription needed*)
    12. India’s School Textbooks Are the Latest Battleground for Hindu Nationalism.
    13. India takes a distressing retreat from democracy. (Subscription needed*)


AIFRTE is organizing a Webinar series with a special focus on the distortion of education in the country so that we can enrich ourselves and fight the propaganda of the present regime. The meetings are going to be held via Zoom and will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel of AIFRTE and also on our Facebook page. The details of the Webinars can be found below:

1. 25th April 2023 – “The Changes in the NCERT textbooks” by Prof. Aditya Mukherjee (Professor of Contemporary Indian History, Centre for Historical Studies and Dean, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi).


2.  2nd May 2023 – Mischief With Our Knowledge Heritage” by Prof. Shamsul Islam (Cultural & Political Activist, Former Professor of Political Science, Delhi University).


3. 11th May 2023 – “Deletions in Science in NCERT & Hidden Reasons” by D Raghunandan (Director, Centre for Technology & Development; Delhi Science Forum)



(*: You can read the text of these articles without a subscription by disabling the “cookies” of your web browser)