Call for Reject NEP 2020 23rd Dec 2019 on AIFRTE Letterhead

Call for Reject NEP 2020 23rd Dec 2019

Reject National Education Policy (NEP) 2020!

Demand non-Discriminatory, Completely Free and Directly State-Funded Common Education System from KG to PG!

शिक्षा नहीं कोई कारोबार, है यह जनता का अधिकार

सबको शिक्षा एक समान, मांग रहा है हिंदोस्तान!

राष्ट्रपति की हो या चपरासी की सन्तान,

सब को शिक्षा एक समान!

लेके रहेगा मज़दूर किसान,

लेके रहेगा मज़दूर किसान!

Call Dated 23rd December 2019

Dear Friends:

We appeal you/your organization to join a nation-wide decentralized campaign to “reject National Education Policy (NEP) 2020” and to burn it in the entire country (or adopt any other effective mode of rejection) on 17th January 2019! (Please read sections 1-4 carefully to join the struggle).  Whilst the CAA and the NRC represent one kind of attempt of the present central government led by the BJP to create Hindu Rashtra, the NEP 2020 is another manifestation of the same intention to erase plurality and diversity of Indian society apart from various other kinds of exclusionary and anti-constitutional provisions that it contains.

Background: At the call of All-India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE), various organizations met at the Press Club of India, New Delhi on 9th of December 2019.[1] The meeting was followed by a Press Conference addressed by political leaders and educationists.[2] The participants presented their pointed critiques of the NEP 2020. They adopted a joint statement (with modifications). It will be circulated soon with necessary amendments.

1. Reject NEP 2020 on 17th January 2020: It was decided to launch a nation-wide decentralized campaign to “reject NEP 2020” and to burn it on 17th January 2019 in the entire country. All participating organizations will organize their own programmes to reject NEP on a single day wherever they have their base in the country and mobilize their maximum cadre. Organizations will decide about the details of the programme and the venue internally but they will keep others informed. Some common slogans will be used along with the names of all participating organizations in alphabetical order on the banner and on other propaganda material. However, whilst retaining the core design of the banner and the handbill intact, conducting organizations can make their own name more prominently visible wherever they are organizing their program to reject the NEP 2020. In order to facilitate this customization, only soft copies of banner, handbill, placards and posters will be provided to all organizations. The participant organizations are also expected to build the campaign through run-up events and meetings leading up to 17th January 2020. It was also resolved that the participant organizations will endeavour to evolve (to the extent possible given the limitations of time) state/regional-level coordination for joint action.

2. Notice for the First Meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee of the “Reject NEP 2020” Campaign: It was resolved on 9th December 2019 to form an open-ended Joint coordination committee of “Reject NEP 2020” campaign having one representative from each participant organization. The open-ended Coordination Committee will be expected and authorized to bring other organizations under this banner “Reject National Education Policy 2020” Campaign and to take further decisions. It is essential that the “Reject NEP 2020” Campaign builds synergy with other-on-going struggles for social-justice and for protecting Indian Constitution and democracy. The first meeting of the coordination Committee of this Campaign will be convened by AIFRTE on Saturday, 28th December 2019 from 02:00 Pm to 06:30 PM in Delhi. Kindly participate in this meeting. The exact venue and the agenda will be communicated shortly. Those who cannot participate in person may send their responses over email.

3. Formation of the Joint Communication Team of the “Reject NEP 2020” Campaign: All these protests against the NEP 2020 will be brought together on different platforms of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, email and WhatsApp. For this purpose as well as for other responsibilities of communication, an All-India Joint Communication Team of the “Reject NEP 2020” Campaign is being formed. AIFRTE has already started the initiative to identify some volunteers from across the country. However, each participant organization is requested to provide at least one person to work within this team. This team will also use the media contacts of participant organizations to ensure appropriate coverage of the said Campaign.

4. Some Specific Requests from Organizations Joining this Campaign:

(A) We request your organization to depute the General Secretary (or his/her equivalent), or his/her representative) to be one member of the Joint Coordination Committee of this (Reject NEP 2020” Campaign.

(B) Your organization is also requested to Depute one representative to work in the Joint Communication Team of the said Campaign. This representative should have list of contacts of all units and should possess requisite communication abilities, because most of the work of this team will be in distance mode.

(C) We request your organization to issue a circular to all its units to participate in this campaign in their maximum strength. They should extend full support to various requirements of this joint Campaign. (We will appreciate if a copy of the same is made available to us as well).

(D) Your organization should try to bring in more fraternal organizations under the banner of this Campaign both at all-India level as well as at the state/regional level through your local units. For this, your organization should explore ways of developing synergy between the “Reject NEP 2020” Campaign with other on-going struggles in the country today against CAA and NRC along with those progressive organizations who are fighting for social justice issues.

(E) Each organization will bear the expenditure of its own protest activities as part of this campaign. However, there may be some expenditure on account of central/state/regional coordination, communication and publicity. We hope that your organization, like all other participating organizations will contribute to meet that expenditure.

More areas of required support are likely to emerge in due course of time, particularly when the Joint Coordination Committee and the Joint Communication Team of this Campaign will become functional in further planning and preparing the publicity material.

Looking forward to a positive and prompt response.


Prof. Jagmohan Singh

(Chairperson, AIFRTE)

Dr. Vikas Gupta

(Organizing Secretary, AIFRTE)

(On Behalf of the “Reject NEP 2020” Campaign)

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[1] The participating organizations included AIBCC; AISA; ALL INDIA PEOPLE'S SCIENCE NETWORK; Association for Democratic Rights , Punjab; Bhim Army Delhi; BSCEM ( BHAGAT SINGH CHHATRA EKTA MANCH ), Delhi; CHHATRA EKTA MANCH , HARYANA; CTF; DSG; DYFI; LOK SHIKSHAK MANCH; PDSU; and SANGRASH SAMVAAD. The invite was sent to a much larger list of organizations; and many of them had even confirmed their participation, or shown interest, though some of them could not finally turn up on the day due to short notice and also because a lot of other battles were being fought simultaneously on the same day in the city.

[2] The Press Conference was addressed by Comrade Ragesh (MP from CPI-M); Comrade N. Ramachandran, CPI-ML (Red Star); Comrade Sucheta De, CPI-ML (Liberation); Dr. Mrigank (CPI-ML New Democracy; Sh. Atul (Samajwadi Jan Parishad); Dr. Harjit Bhatti (Former President of Resident Doctors’ Association of AIIMS); Prof. Dinesh Abrol; Prof. Madhu Prasad (Spokesperson, AIFRTE); Prof. G. Haragopal (AIFRTE Presidium Member); and Prof. Anil Sadgopal (AIFRTE Presidium Member).