Poster of I Stand with Anand

An Appeal to Implement Programme of Solidarity with Prof. Anand Teltumbde

All India Forum for Right to Education 
Appeal to Commemorate April 11th to 14th to Protect Intellectual Freedom, Constitutional Values and Indian Democracy 
Dear Friends:

Greetings at the occasion of the 94th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Jotirao Phule!

What a tragic irony we are about to witness! A member of Ambedkar’s family (Prof. Anand Teltumbde) (along with Gautam Navlakha) will have to surrender before the NIA on the Birth Anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar under trumped up charges and despite a global pandemic when even convicts are being released on parole for health reasons.

Despite lockdown, while remaining at home, let us commemorate April 11th, Birth Anniversary of Jotirao Phule; April 13th, Jallianwala Bagh massacre of unarmed people assembled against the Rowlatt Act of February 1919 (predecessor of today’s NUAPA); and April 14th, the Birth Anniversary of  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar for expressing solidarity with our Presidium member Anand Teltumbde and the intellectuals and activists whose voices the establishment is trying to silence as they are fighting for constitutional values and fundamental rights. They are therefore being incarcerated under NUAPA on trumped up charges.

Demand the withdrawal of NUAPA and dropping of false charges in the following manner:

  1. Reading Preamble of Indian Constitution on 14th April: Read the Preamble of Indian Constitution (in different languages of India) at one point of time in the entire country at 5 PM on 14th April 2020 and create a social media storm. Upload videos and photographs of this activity on your social media channels. Please share your social media pages with AIFRTE’s social media platforms as mentioned at the end of this letter. If you send such materials to us over email or WhatsApp, we will upload these on AIFRTE’s social media pages as well to give it a consolidated picture. Please contact our Technical team as mentioned at the end of the letter for sending such material.
  2. Satyagrah (or Hunger Strike) on 13th or 14th April 2020:  Observe a one-day hunger strike (Satyaagrah from 7 AM to 7 PM) in support of Prof. Anand Teltumbde and Mr. Gautam Navlakha and in opposition to the persecution of intelectuals and activists under the draconian NUAPA on 13th or 14th April 2020. Please send your pictures in social media; and also share your name, place and organization to Dr. V. Prasad (AIFRTE’s Secretariat Member from Kerala) over WhatsApp or SMS on his mobile number 7736335904
  3. १३ या १४ अप्रैल को सुबह सात बजे से शाम सात बजे तक अपनी-अपनी जगह से सत्याग्रह या भूख हड़ताल करें. अपना नाम, संगठन व स्थान लिख कर डॉक्टर प्रसाद को उनके मोबाइल नंबर ५९०४ पर संस या व्हाट्सप्प के जरिये भेजें.  who will compile this data.

3. Observe 11th to 14th April with the following Activities:

(A.) Visit and Share Facebook Page - I Stand with Anand: AIFRTE has created the following Facebook page in Solidarity with Prof. Teltumbde and you are requested to widely share this and also send material to be uploaded there through our technical team:

(B.) Issue Organizational Statements of Solidarity: Each like-minded organization and political parties other than BJP is requested to issue statements of solidarity with Prof. Teltumbde, Mr. Navlakha and other defenders of constitutional values and fundamental rights who are being persecuted through the use of draconian NUAPA on trumped up charges. Some renowned personalities may be approached to issue solidarity statements. These may be widely circulated in social media of respective organizations marking copy to AIFRTE.

(C.) Register Protest Through social media Profile: AIFRTE is requesting everyone to update their profile pic on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. with this slogan “Main bhi Anand Teltumbde”/“I am also Anand Teltumbde” and Prof. Teltumbde's photo. A poster is uploaded at the following link:

(D.) Visit and Share Web Page-I Stand with Anand: As part of this campaign to create public awareness, AIFRTE has also created a web page with the view to inform people about Anand’s contribution to scholarship and social movements; and also about the false case filed against him by the government. This page also includes AIFRTE’s English statements and its online petition submitted to the CJI and the President of India with about 2000 signatures and the translations of these documents in different Indian languages, such as Assamese, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. The page can be accessed at the following link:


(E.) Virtual Press conferences: AIFRTE appeals to all like-minded organizations to organize virtual press conferences in important cities or state capitals on or before 14thApril 2020 (Tuesday) to express their solidarity with Prof. Teltumbde and Mr. Gautam Navlakha and to register their protest against government’s move to incarcerate them. Please share the press invites and press statements with us through our below-mentioned technical team.

(F.) Organize Cultural programs of resistance in different parts of the country: You are requested to organize cultural resistance programmes through social media and either live-stream them or upload them on social media pages from 11th April to 14thApril 2020. Please share their links with us.

4. Translation: Please translate this appeal in your languages for wider circulation and also send us a copy to be uploaded on our website.

5. Technical Team:

  • Sh. Brijesh Yadav (Uttar Pradesh), 9936838937, 05bri78@gmail.com (Member, National Executive, AIFRTE)
  • Sh. Madhusudan (Odisha), 9178792419, sethymadhu@gmail.com and Twitter id madhujanjagran. (President, Jan Jagaran Abhiyan).
  • Sh. Mahendra Mahagaonkar (Mumbai, Maharashtra), 7738817256 hmcgindia@hotmail.com
  • Sh. Pankaj (Delhi), 9999290196, pankajpkranti@gmail.com and Twitter id  Pankaj Kranti (President, SC/BC Forum, Delhi; and he also works with PAGAAM  in Delhi (a national organisation for SC/ST/OBC).
  • Sh. Ramesh Bijekar, (Nagpur, Maharashtra) 9665054345 ramesh.bijekar@gmail.com (Member, Secretariat, AIFRTE)

Prof. Jagmohan Singh
(Chairperson, AIFRTE)

Dr. Vikas Gupta
(Organizing Secretary, AIFRTE)

Twitter: @AllIndiaForumf1

Instagram: www.instagram.com/aifrte6A