Demonstration in Delhi 21st Oct 2013

21st August, 2013

The members of the national executive and member organisations,
All India Forum for Right To Education &

To all persons and organisations interested in a democratic and secular education system 

Join in your full Strength the

Peoples’ Demonstration in Delhi

On 21st October, 2013

The demonstration is to thwart new attacks on education and

 Project peoples’ democratic aspirations on education

at all India level as the general elections are approaching

As you are aware, we are opposed to 1) commercialization of education, 2) communalisation of education, 3) centralisation and bureaucratisation of administration of education, 4) globalisation of education under WTO-GATS regime, and 5) changing content and purpose of education to serve the needs of neo-liberal market capitalism.

We are fighting for an education system which can usher a democratic, secular, egalitarian, equal, just and socialist society as enunciated in the constitution of India. So, we are opposing Right to Education Act which is aimed at commercialisation of school education and the higher education Bills introduced in the Parliament which are intended to commercialise higher education and to bring it under WTO-GATS regime.

We are demanding a fully state funded public education system from KG to PG including Common School System and a system which will be administered democratically through decentralised and participative mode which only can pave path for a system of education as desired in the constitution of India. The demonstration which we are going to organize in Delhi is only in continuation and furtherance of our protracted all India struggle for the long cherished goals in education. It is more so important because the central government may push the neo-liberal higher education bills through parliament. It is also important because Saffron forces are raising their ugly heads again who are opposed to Dalits, women and linguistic, cultural and religious minorities.  We are opposed to commercialisation of education and demand equal opportunity to all persons and affirmative action for all disadvantaged, deprived, disabled, discriminated, marginalized and neglected. We are opposed to communalisation of education and stand for diversity.

Make the demonstration a great success: This demonstration will be historical for it is against the twin dangers of commercialisation and communalisation of education and for establishment of a democratic education system. Let us make it all success and mobilise participants in greatest possible numbers. The central organisation of AIFRTE also requires volunteers and funds to organise this programme and you are all requested to attend this need of the hour.

Banners and Badges: All Participating organisations can bring their banners and wear badges. However, it is suggested that all banners wear the name of our ‘All India Forum for Right to Education’ in full or in abbreviation (AIFRTE). AIFRTE banners prepared by central organisation will be placed in prominent  positions and places.

Campaign: All organisations who would join the Delhi demonstration may publish leaflets and posters for spreading our opposition to the twin dangers of commercialisation and communalisation of education and to mobilise public opinion in favor of fully state funded public education system from KG to PG including Common School System and for an education system in conformity with the goals of constitution of India. We will be also sending shortly soft copies of leaflets and posters both in English and d Hindi. However, you need not wait for them. Hope you will be organizing group discussions, seminars, round table conferences and press conferences to advance the campaign.

Signature Campaign: Every member organisations is requested to collect signatures against the neo-liberal higher education bills that are introduced in the Parliament in the last four years and which may be pushed for voting in the present or monsoon session of the parliament. A memorandum addressed to PM  is attached herewith. Please bring the bundles of signatures to Delhi along. A deligation of AIFRTE will meet prime minister and submit the signatures to him by hand. This campaign will create    great impact.

Programme: The procession starts at 10.00 am and you are requested to reach the starting point (to be decided) by 9.30 am. Procession culminates at Jantar Mantar into a Peoples’ Parliament. The programme of Peoples Parliament will be ended by 4.00 pm. More details will be sent later.

Arrangements: It will be attempted to provide tiffin at the starting point of the procession. Food packets will be supplied before the starting of Peoples’ Parliament. The provision of tiffin and food packets will be free or at cost on the basis of availability of funds.  Participants are requested not to ask for accommodation. However, participants who come a night earlier or stay a night later (that is 20th and 21st nights) because of lack of suitable trains will be provided free or low cost arrangements.

Information: You are requested to provide information of the number of total participants from your organisation within a week. The information shall be sent to the office secretary of AIFRTE, Dr. Vikram Singh Amarawat  (08128293711, can also make necessary enquiries from him. You have to give more detailed information of reaching and departure of your trains within two weeks.


With Regards

Prof. Meher Engineer;
All India Forum for Right to Education

D. Ramesh Patnaik,
Organising Secretary,
All India Forum for Right to Education

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