All India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE)




Dear All,

Greetings for the International Day of Workers (May 1st 2018) from All-India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE). This is to inform you that following the decision of its National Executive, AIFFRTE has launched on the International Day of Workers (May 1st 2018) a campaign for the enrollment of Associates of the struggle for founding an equitable system of education from KG to PG, which should be directly and fully funded by the state and which should be governed in such a decentralized and participatory  manner that optimizes diversity and minimizes inequality. The chief objective of the enrollment campaign is to bring together a large masses of those individuals who might not be as such connected with any similar organization, but who agree to the basic principles of AIFRTE’s ideology. Efforts are being made to bring such scattered individuals from across the country on the common networks of social media (Facebook, WhatsApp and e-groups) and to involve them in an alternative discourse and activism on education. These networks will be also used to circulate soft copies of our publications and seek subscriptions for hard copies. It is hoped that the platforms of these Campaign Associates would turn out to be the opinion maker in the country. These Campaign Associates would be the backbone of future struggles. 

Although the campaign has already commenced with exciting response, we are further improving the system. Please circulate this page to your friends, colleagues and students so that they can also register and become part of this struggle. The enrollment of campaign associates is possible both online and offline as described below.



I declare my solemn support to the following principles of AIFRTE:

  • The aim of education is to contribute to building a democratic, socialist, secular, just, enlightened and humane society based on diversity, plurality and equality.
  • Providing education to every child, adolescent and youth is the Constitutional obligation of the state and there is no place for discrimination in any form whatsoever including discrimination based on class, caste, gender, religion, language, region or disability. Social justice to the oppressed, the deprived and the disabled should be organically built into the education system. 
  • It is the responsibility of the state to establish a nationwide, fully state-funded and entirely free Common Education System, based on mother tongue in multi-lingual context as medium of education, at all levels from 'KG to PG' including professional education and research. It includes establishing a Common School System based on Neighbourhood Schools to be governed in a democratic, federal and participative mode to exclude disparities and optimize diversities.
  • There is no place in education for communalism, majoritarianism or any form of hegemony based on religion, class, caste,  gender, region, language, race, or normal body. There is no place either for negation, dilution or distortion of India's rich diversity.
  • AIFRTE rejects all laws and policies for trade or profiteering, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), international funding and/or Public Private Partnership (PPP). It rejects loans from Government agencies, Banks or the market, whether personal or institutional, at any level of education