Registration Form for participants and Volunteers of

All India Shiksha Sangharsh Yatra – 2014

Organised by

All India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE)

I hereby enrol myself as an active participant and volunteer of All India Shiksha Sangharsh Yatra – 2014; and express full solidarity and commitment with the three broad objectives of the Yatra as stated below:

  1. Opposition to commercialisation and privatisation of education and neo-liberal PPP policies which are designed to transfer public assets and siphon public funds into hands of private operators;
  2. Opposition to communalisation of education which includes inclusion of all kind of sectarian, fundamentalist, casteist, patriarchal and anti-disability prejudices, unscientific, irrational and superstitious ideas in the education system which weaken the social fabric of the country and subvert its rich diversity by insidiously pushing hegemony of any one class, caste, religion, culture, gender, language, region or the so-called ‘normal’ body over the rest; and
  3. Building a united nationwide struggle for a establishment of fully state-funded and free Common Education System from ‘KG to PG’ (from pre-primary to higher education including professional education and research in all fields) based on the idea of instituting a child’s mother tongue as medium of education in context of multi-linguality and administered in decentralised and participative mode. Such an education system should be directed to realisation of a democratic, just, egalitarian, secular, enlightened and humane society in India as envisioned during the freedom struggle.